Ben Stokes has been ruled out of cricket indefinitely

Ben Stokes has been ruled out of cricket indefinitely

The England and Welsh Cricket Board (ECB) is indebted to Ben Stokes. The country has the reputation of bringing the only ODI World Cup. The all-rounder returned to lead an inexperienced team a few days ago when the original ODI team was knocked out of the series by Pakistan due to corona. Stokes said he would not have thought of playing the series if he had not been in such danger.

England is not getting such a dedicated cricketer in the crucial Test series against India. Due to injury, two matches would not have been played in the beginning. Today, he has completely cut his name from the series. With him, Stokes has decided to stay away from all forms of cricket indefinitely.

Ben Stokes

No direct reason was given for the decision. However, the ECB's statement explained that Stokes' decision was aimed at relieving depression. A series of coronal times mean tough tests.

Cricketers have to stay away from their families for a long time due to quarantine, isolation, and biological protection. Stokes has spent a lot of time with him in the last year. I also had to stay away from my family at home games. In the meantime, he went to New Zealand once in the middle of last year's series with Pakistan to see his father. Ben also received news of his father's death in December.

In a statement, Ashley Giles, managing director of England boys cricket, said: Our main goal all the time was to keep our people mentally well, to protect them. Getting ready to play at the right time and giving a top-quality game creates a lot of stress. During the current epidemic, it has multiplied.

The state of mental health of cricketers due to Corona is also revealed in the statement of Giles, ‘It is very difficult to be away from family for a very long time, to have minimum freedom. For the last 16 months, the impact of the game has been felt by all in such an atmosphere. Ben will get as much time as he needs. I hope to see him play for England in the future too. '

Craig Overton has been named in England's Test squad to replace Stokes.

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